Nappasin kangaskaupan alelaarista vaahtomuovin jämäpaloja muutamalla kymmenellä pennillä ja kyhäsin osasta leikkivuoria ompelemalla päällykset tilkuista.

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I grabbed some scrap pieces of foam from a fabric shop and made little soft mountains out of them.


hugoandmathilda said...

dear Maija, I really enjoy your ideas and your blog is one of my favourites in the crafts/kids section! I don't understand Finnish but the pictures speak for themselves. They are beautiful!

Maija said...

Hi Anna! Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I'm glad you've found my blog interesting and kept coming back :) Perhaps you haven't noticed, that I nowadays add short translations in English on every post.

I've been browsing your blog too, it's wonderful!

hugoandmathilda said...

Thank you Maija! every time when I'm on your blog I look for this one sentence in English :) have a lovely autumn!