Printtikasseja perunalla

Viime hetken printtailua myyjäisiä varten. Tilasin nettikaupasta hyvälaatuisia puuvillakasseja ja painoin simppelit kuviot perunalla. Taidanpa pitää itselläni yhden ruksikassin.

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Last minute crafting for the fair. I bought good, sturdy cotton bags from an online shop and used potatoes for printing the simple patterns. I think I'm going to keep one of those cross patterned bags for myself.


raichel said...

Beautiful blog!!!!

Maija said...

Thank you so much, Raichel! Your blog and artwork look amazing, I'm gonna start following :)

Martha said...

Oh, I just love, love, love this blog! Always come here first to read, you are so true to yourself with such simple and lovely ideas. It makes me happy and inspired!

Maija said...

Dear Martha, your comment means a lot to me. Made my day, thank you so much :)