Nuket puuhelmistä / DIY Wobbly Wooden Bead Dolls

Kun näin nämä hauskat helmistä tehdyt nuket, oli lähdettävä hakemaan osia kierrätyskeskuksesta. Narua lukuunottamatta sopivat osat löytyivätkin, ja meidän mielestä nukeista tuli hauskat. "Wobbly", tuumasi lapsi.

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When I saw these great bead dolls, I knew how to use all the little wooden bits I had seen at a recycling centre. The string we already had, all the other parts we were able to find second hand. Our daughter sometimes mixes Finnish and English and when it comes to certain words she always uses English. 'Wobbly' is one of them - these dolls are definitely wobbly.


Cassi said...

These are so lovely and I can't wait to get out my wood beads and see what I can come up with. I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon!

Maija said...

Thanks so much, Cassi! Happy crafting! :)